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Latofres is able to offer a complete service of CAD/CAM design that meets your needs.


Latofres provides also the assembling of the components. Specific workstations have been effectively fixed inside the company and have been equipped for different types and stages of assembly.


All the heat treatments (tempering, hardening, nitriding, etc ...) and surface finishes (galvanizing, passivation, anodizing, hard anodizing, etc.) are performed by specialized third-party companies. Naturally Latofres always guarantees the quality of the finished product.


The service of washing of the machined parts, performed with technologies that respect the environment, confirms Latofres as a company that is looking forward to the future.


Purchase of raw materials from bar in steel, special steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium and plastic materials. Purchase of semi-finished materials as cast parts in aluminum and cast-iron or printed steel.


LATOFRES guarantees the traceability of each piece, for example by means of the laser and microdots marking stations that allow the engraving of acronyms, codes and data matrix.

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